Euro Fishing Foundry Dock Update v20170831-CODEX


Genre: Simulation
Developer: Dovetail Games
Publisher: Dovetail Games – Fishing

Release Name: Euro.Fishing.Foundry.Dock.Update.v20170831-CODEX
Size: 207 MB


  • Euro.Fishing.Foundry.Dock-CODEX.
    1. Update v20170831:
    2. •4 new baits have been added to the tackle shop – Royal Marine, TNT, Atlantic Heat and Liver Pro.
    3. •Readjusted fish AI to prevent fish from taking baits too big for them.
    4. •Implemented server side loading screens.
    5. •Fixed issue where rig/bait would unrealistically bobble after first casting out.
    6. •Fixed issue in the challenges where score wasn’t always awarded after hitting a target.
    7. •Fixed issue regarding leaderboard navigation.
    8. •Fixed various localisation issues.
    9. •Fixed Academy crash


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