[info]Release Name: Man.O.War.Corsair.Warhammer.Naval.Battles.Update.v1.1.2-BAT
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Developer: Evil Twin Artworks
Publisher: Evil Twin Artworks
Size: 34.2 MB


Patch 1.1.2

– Boarding a rotting ship to infect it with plague made slightly easier
– Added brief tutorial for infecting ships
– Infected ships show green on map
– Custom battle weather fixed so that stormy is more stormy than ‘rain’
– Lanterns no longer cause light pollution on map screen
– Fixed issue with (invisible) dialogue capturing clicks on buttons (e.g. captain skills)
– Custom battle sail picker no longer resets the sail design on editing a ship
– Catapult projectiles travel slightly faster
– Increased stamina cost for NPC captains to block heavy attacks
– Firstmate no longer “Sir Lancelot”s trying to get to the enemy ship if he can’t quite jump far enough
– Adjusted AI vs AI boarding to be more fair to player ally ships
– Initial favour for new nurgle campaigns corrected
– Increased bonus damage for player when stamina is high (melee had be come a little too hard)
– Nurgle’s Rot crew damage increased to offset natural healing
– Shoreforts at plagued ports are reduced in effectiveness
– Chaos campaign initial navy patrols reduced in strength.
– Added a message whenever any ally ship is destroyed
– Can now sacrifice pennants as a chaos captain
– Adjusted trader AI so that they are much less likely to be carrying 0 cargo
– Added 1.1 translations for German, French and Hungarian
– Allies which infect a ship will correctly stop boarding
– Grey wizards paranoia reduced, they will no longer cast storm force in case of friendlies trying to board.
– Grapeshot made more effective when firing on a full crewed ship.



Old Version  1.1.1

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