Solstice Chronicles MIA Update v20170904-CODEX


Genre: Action, Indie, RPG, Strategy
Developer: Ironward
Publisher: Nkidu

Release Name: Solstice.Chronicles.MIA.Update.v20170904-CODEX
Size: 141 MB



    Old version 20170804

    Old version 20170729

  • Solstice.Chronicles.MIA-CODEX

    – The Bunker

    – Slamander weapon damage was to big, reduced by 30%
    – hellfire melee reduced by 300 damage
    – flame turret damage reduced from 1000 to 500 per level
    – Terminator can equip all native skills now
    – general monster health on all difficulties increased by 10%
    – changed terminators behaviour a bit
    – assault will get max damage inside 3 seconds instead of 4

    – higher difficlties will drasticaly increase how fast threat level increases
    – using BOMB or SCOUT when threat level is maximum will spawn additional monsters around you
    – using TAUNT will always spawn additional monsters near player

    – weapons will level up normaly now on all levels
    – Healbot now correctly displays particle for various ranges
    – integrity display now shows numbers under 10% as well
    – integrity regeneration skill fixed, ticks every 25s
    – “keyboard + gamepad” option selectable with gamepad
    – added fade out every time level is about to end in every story mission
    – changed star icons when you finish story level

    – ammo supply (generates ammo)
    – power node (+1 environment power)


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